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Oskar Bader
Matthias Gotz testimonial portrait

Great solutions based on a deep understanding

Oskar is a passionate and detail-oriented designer and is always motivated to find the best solution based on a deep understanding of any kind of challenge. As a strong and empathic team player he is a win for every team and I always loved working with him.

Matthias Gotz

Digital & NewWork Strategist, Metafinanz

Franziska Cullaj

Always got to the heart of our goals

Oskar not only supported us in UX design, but most importantly, always got to the heart of our goals. By asking the right questions, Oskar often turned the tide in the right direction.

Franziska Cullaj

Principal Consultant, Allianz Technology

Sven Erichsen Testimonial

New level in marketing and design

Oskar was a core member of our team and helped us reach a new level in marketing and design. In addition to his outstanding professional qualifications, we were impressed by his high quality standards and fast delivery.

Sven Erichsen

Managing Director, Munich Re Markets GmbH

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The Startup Success Bundle
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AARRR Growth Bundle
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