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I help SaaS Companies to get and retain customers. To provide maximum value, I focus on metrics that move the needle. I am a Data Driven UX Designer & Growth Hacker.

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Pascal Schumann

KPI- and metric-driven mindset

Working collaboratively with Oskar on a project is something I absolutely enjoyed! It’s not just that I’m a huge fan of his KPI- and metric-driven mindset, but also the creative and focused atmosphere he’s creating. I’m looking forward to our next project!

Pascal Schumann

Consultant, DeGeCon GmbH

Franziska Cullaj

Always got to the heart of our goals

Oskar not only supported us in UX design, but most importantly, always got to the heart of our goals. By asking the right questions, Oskar often turned the tide in the right direction.

Franziska Cullaj

Principal Consultant, Allianz Technology

Andreas Ernstberger testimonial portrait

Highly efficient and asking the right questions

Working with Oskar is fun and highly efficient. Like a personal coach he exactly knows which questions to ask to achieve the optimal results. Thank you so much!

Andreas Ernstberger

Product Owner, Metafinanz

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