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Video Courses

Persona course teaser image
Ultimate Persona Video Course
Learn who your customers are and how to reach new customers - in less than an hour.
Marketing Video Course Preview
Digital Marketing Video Course
Learn which marketing channels are most profitable for you to get new customers without wasting money on ineffective channels.
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149 €

Worksheets & Bundles

The SaaS Bundle
The SaaS Bundle
Build a successful SaaS business with proven templates, worksheets and more.
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499 €
AARRR Growth Bundle Cover
AARRR Growth Bundle
Build an effective growth funnel that attracts, converts and retains customers.
The Marketing Channel Bundle
The Marketing Channel Bundle
Stop wasting money on mass marketing and find new customers for your business.
AARRR Framework Teaser
AARRR Framework
Learn how to improve your conversion funnel with 5 pirate metrics.
Bullseye Framework Teaser
Bullseye Framework
This free bullseye worksheet will help you find marketing channels that bring traction for your company.
SaaS Metrics Teaser
SaaS Metrics
Identify which metrics to measure and how to calculate and improve each of them. A worksheet for growth.
Website Checklist Preview
Website Checklist
Learn everything you need to know to build a powerful website that attracts new customers.
SaaS Terms 101
SaaS Terms 101
Learn the 50 most important SaaS concepts.
Go To Market Teaser
Go-To-Market Strategy
Find the right Go-To-Market Strategy to make your SaaS journey a success.
Product-Led Growth Preview
PLG Framework
Learn how to build a Product-Led Growth marketing strategy for SaaS, step by step.
Call To Action Teaser
CTA Checklist
Create effective Calls To Action that convert - 13 pro tips.
Customer Journey Teaser
Customer Journey Template
Learn how to create effective customer journeys that help you get and retain customers.
Onboarding Checklist
Onboarding Checklist
Learn how to create an exceptional onboarding experience that your users love.
SaaS Pricing Cheatsheet
Pricing Cheatsheet
Learn about the important SaaS pricing strategies and models.
B2B and B2C SaaS Worksheet
B2B and B2C SaaS Worksheet
Learn the major differences between B2B and B2C SaaS.
SaaS PaaS IaaS cheat sheet
SaaS, PaaS, IaaS Cheatsheet
Learn the differences between SaaS, PaaS and IaaS and which model you should choose.
Kano Model Template Preview
Kano Model Template
Prioritize feature ideas according to their business impact and expected customer satisfaction - in 5 steps.