1 Channel that will help you get your first 100 customers

Getting your first 100 customers is tough.

However, there is a channel which many SaaS companies use for their advantage. A channel that will help you increase visibility, organic traffic and boost your Google rankings. A channel that will help you improve your conversion funnel and build long-lasting customer relationships. A channel that will help you get early customer feedback. It’s about “blogging“.

The goal of blogging is to provide valuable content for your customers on a regular basis. Content, that your customers want to engage with.

Pro Tip:

- Start blogging before your service is finished to get early customer feedback on your ideas.
- Constantly improve your service with customer feedback and engage with your community.

Creating a blog is only one of 19 traction channels. Not every traction channel works for every company the same. If blogging does not work out for you, try out one of these 5 high traction channels instead.

Are you having troubles finding marketing channels that work for your company? I will help you get more customers with the right marketing channels.

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