Learn who your customers are.


How long does this workshop take?

3-6 hours, since every team is different.

What is a Persona?

Personas are fictional characters that represent customer types.

How can Personas help my business?

Personas help you understand your customers' needs, goals and motivation. This will enable you to use your marketing efforts effectively and stop wasting money on mass marketing.

Why is the outcome maximal 3 Personas?

In marketing, it is important to focus. From my experience I recommend not having more than 3 Personas since it would dilute your marketing message otherwise.

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Learn who your
customers are.

This is for you if you
don't want to waste money on mass marketing.
don't know who your customers are.
don't know how to reach your customers.
don't know how to communicate with your customers.
What you get
You will know who your customers are.
You will know how to reach your customers.
You will know how your customers think.
You will know how you can provide value to your customers.
Workshop outcome
3 Personas (max.) that will help you focus your marketing efforts on the right customers.

2.200 €


Let Yourself Be Convinced

Matthias Gotz testimonial portrait

Great solutions based on a deep understanding

Oskar is a passionate and detail-oriented designer and is always motivated to find the best solution based on a deep understanding of any kind of challenge. As a strong and empathic team player he is a win for every team and I always loved working with him.

Matthias Gotz

Digital & NewWork Strategist

Andreas Ernstberger testimonial portrait

Highly efficient and asking the right questions

Working with Oskar is fun and highly efficient. Like a personal coach he exactly knows which questions to ask to achieve the optimal results. Thank you so much!

Andreas Ernstberger

Product Owner

Robert Waldenmaier testimonial portrait

Solution-Oriented and user centric actions

Oskar works incredibly solution-oriented and always focuses on the needs of the user. With his professional communication, he is well received in all project situations. I am happily looking forward to the next joint project.

Robert Waldenmaier

Principal Business Analyst

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