Website | App audit.


Can you guarantee an increase in conversion rate?

No I cannot, since there are many factors involved that I can't control - for example the right implementation, page speed or search engine optimization. What I can guarantee you is, that I use business best-practices with a high potential of increasing your conversion rate.

How many actionable tips do I get?

This differs from website to website / app to app. Usually there are 5-20 actionable tips with a high potential of increasing your conversion rate/reducing your churn rate.

What is the main user journey in an app?

The main user journey describes the steps a user takes to reach his goal. For example, if you use WhatsApp, your main user journey is to text your friends.

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Website | App audit.

This is for you if you
want to make more money with your website/app.
want to increase your conversion rate.
want to reduce your churn rate.
don't know why customers are leaving your website/app before taking the next step.
What you get
You will get actionable tips how to increase conversion rate and reduce churn rate on your website/app.
You will know how to improve the user experience on your website/app and retain more customers.
PDF-Report with actionable tips and recommendations to improve conversion rate and reduce churn rate on your website/app.

Website audit: Audit of the 3 most traffic pages on your website.
App audit: Audit of the main user journey.

4.200 €

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Great solutions based on a deep understanding

Oskar is a passionate and detail-oriented designer and is always motivated to find the best solution based on a deep understanding of any kind of challenge. As a strong and empathic team player he is a win for every team and I always loved working with him.

Matthias Gotz

Digital & NewWork Strategist

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Strife for useful solutions and effective UX

Oskar not only inspires, but also brings harmony to a team thanks to his charisma and magnetic personality. He is profoundly dedicated to his work and strives to create the best possible user experience. I cannot recommend him enough.

Roberto Miranda González

CEO, Native Solutions

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Usable designs and fulfilled KPIs

Oskar transforms his ideas into a mutual creative dialogue. The greatest added value was the fact that not only usable designs were created, but also essential KPIs were always kept in view and fulfilled. I am already looking forward to the next joint project!

Felix Schmidt

Senior iOS Developer & UX Designer

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