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Millions of great products and services fail due to lack of traction. I want to change this. I can’t see them failing. I'm Oskar Bader, Founder of DesignWithValue, a company where we help Startups & SaaS companies, get new customers and help them retain existing ones through UX Design, Growth Hacking & Marketing.

Let Yourself Be Convinced

Roberto Miranda González testimonial portrait

Strife for useful solutions and effective UX

Oskar not only inspires, but also brings harmony to a team thanks to his charisma and magnetic personality. He is profoundly dedicated to his work and strives to create the best possible user experience. I cannot recommend him enough.

Roberto Miranda González

CEO, Native Solutions

Robert Waldenmaier testimonial portrait

Solution-Oriented and user centric actions

Oskar works incredibly solution-oriented and always focuses on the needs of the user. With his professional communication, he is well received in all project situations. I am happily looking forward to the next joint project.

Robert Waldenmaier

Principal Business Analyst

Pascal Schumann

KPI- and metric-driven mindset

Working collaboratively with Oskar on a project is something I absolutely enjoyed! It’s not just that I’m a huge fan of his KPI- and metric-driven mindset, but also the creative and focused atmosphere he’s creating. I’m looking forward to our next project!

Pascal Schumann

Consultant, DeGeCon GmbH

Courses, Templates, and Worksheets

The SaaS Bundle
The SaaS Bundle
Learn how to successfully build your SaaS business. Templates, worksheets and more.
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Social Media Marketing Bundle
Plan your marketing activities and create content that stands out and attracts new leads.
The Marketing Channel Bundle
The Marketing Channel Bundle
Stop wasting money on mass marketing and find new customers for your business.

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