5 Free Tools that make your SaaS company rank on Google

When you ask people where they would hide a dead body, they will tell you “On Googles page 2“.

Therefore, if you want to get more customers online, let’s try to be on Googles page 1. In order to even have the chance to rank on the first page, you need to know what key phrases and words your target audience is typing into Googles search. Your goal is to align the words you are using on your website with the key words people are searching for.

The best keywords combine 3 things:

- High search volume (people are actually searching for it)
- Low competition (if you go for the most popular keywords, you will likely be outranked by websites with higher authority)
- Relevant to your business  (only use terms that make sense for your business)

To find promising keywords, these 5 tools come in handy:

1. Google Adwords to find out search volume and competition for specific keywords.
2. Google Trends to identify if the keyword is trending and to compare it to different phrases.
3. Google Search to find out what people are searching for and to find new phrases and keywords.
4. Link Explorer shows your own page and domain authority.
5. MozBar shows others page and domain authority.

In order to rank in Google, find keywords with low competition, high search volume and compete with domains and pages at or below your authority level.

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