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Bullseye Framework. The Definitive Guide To Traction Channels.

The Bullseye Framework is one of the best methods to identify marketing channels that bring traction for your company.

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AARRR. How to improve your sales funnel with 5 pirate metrics.

The AARRR framework gives you clear insights into which parts of the customer life cycle are performing well and where you can improve your conversion funnel.

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How to test your SaaS idea before wasting money

If you don’t test and validate your idea, you take the risk of creating a service or a product nobody is going to use.

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1 Channel that will help you get your first 100 customers

Getting your first 100 customers is tough. However, there is a channel which many SaaS companies use for their advantage.

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Customer activation rate. 5 tips for your email campaigns.

Your email campaign is an effective method to help people find value in your service and thereby activate more customers.

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4 Steps to create effective KPIs for your SaaS company

Key performance indicators represent the most important metrics in your company and should guide your company to growth.

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