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This is how you find your products' magic moment

Your products' AHA moment decides whether your customers churn or engage further.

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5 proven high traction channels for your Saas company

To make the most out of your marketing budget, it is important to quickly find your best traction channel.

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Customer cohorts. How to get the most out of your metrics

“Cohort analysis enables you to observe how a specific group of customers evolves over time.“ - Ed Shelley.

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AHA moment. How to increase your activation rate

Most of the time, the value of your service is not obvious. Therefore, it is necessary to bring customers fast to the “AHA moment“.

Increase your activation rate
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Net promoter score. How to predict customer churn

Net promoter score is your early warning sign for customer churn and can be used as an indicator for business growth.

Will your customers recommend your service to a friend?
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Customer churn. 1 key insight you better not miss

Customer churn is the nightmare of every SaaS company. Use this insight and fight it actively.

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