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4 Steps to create effective KPIs for your SaaS company

Key performance indicators represent the most important metrics in your company and should guide your company to growth.

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The reason why nobody clicks your Facebook ads and how you can change this

Most ads are boring, similar and generic. How can we improve the success rate with social ads and why are some campaigns not successful?

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5 Free Tools that make your SaaS company rank on Google

Ask people where they would hide a dead body and they will tell you “On Googles page 2“. If you want to get more customers online, let’s rank on page 1.

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This is how you find your products' magic moment

Your products' AHA moment decides whether your customers churn or engage further.

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5 proven high traction channels for your Saas company

To make the most out of your marketing budget, it is important to quickly find your best traction channel.

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Customer cohorts. How to get the most out of your metrics

“Cohort analysis enables you to observe how a specific group of customers evolves over time.“ - Ed Shelley.

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