Customer activation rate. 5 tips for your email campaigns.

Your email campaign is an effective method to help people find value in your service and thereby activate more customers.

Follow these 5 tips to create more powerful email campaigns:

1. Make it personal. The best way to connect with customers is to address them personally. You can do this by asking for customers first name in the sign-up form. However, be careful not to ask for too much information up front. Every additional form field could possibly increase drop-off rates.

2. Communicate benefits, not features. Example:
Feature = More legroom in an airplane.
Benefit = Travel more relaxed.

3. Time emails on customer behavior. Behavior based emails can have a dramatic impact on activation rate and support your customers on their individual journey.

4. Give every email a clear call to action and use call to action buttons to lead customers to the next step in their journey.

5. Guide customers to the AHA moment and shorten the time to value. The sooner your customers experience the value in your service, the less likely they will churn. Therefore, it is important to identify your services’ magic moment first. Here is how you can find out your services’ AHA moment.

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