This is how you find your products' magic moment

Your products' AHA moment decides whether your customers churn or engage further.  

The AHA moment is the moment when customers first realize the value in your service. It’s an emotional event that should happen early in the user journey. To find the AHA moment, first reach out to your top customers and ask them, what is most valuable to them. It is very likely that each persona will have their own journey to their own AHA moment.

Create a list of behaviors that correlate with retention.
Ask yourself: Did customers who convert

- finish the onboarding process?
- interact with the core feature?
- connect with other customers?

After you have evaluated customer feedback and your analytics, it should be clear where people find value in your service.

Are your customers leaving before finding value in your service? I will give you actionable tips how to increase conversion rate and reduce churn rate on your website/app.

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