You have no idea why you lose customers. Find out why

Journey maps help you find out why and where your customers are churning.

Journey maps are a powerful tool to visualize how customers interact with your service and to find out where and why they churn. The most basic journey map should at least consist of customer actions, thoughts, pain points and emotions. To get an even better understanding, I even like to add lanes like opportunities, typical customer questions, ways to proactively problem-solve or ways to increase customer lifetime value. Before starting, it is necessary to understand how people are using your service.

Pro Tip:

- Improve the part with the worst user experience first.
- Update and review journey maps regularly.

Use the net promoter score as an early warning sign for customer churn.

Are you losing customers and don't know why? I will give you actionable tips how to increase conversion rate and reduce churn rate on your website/app.

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